Akashic Records

My Experience

I think it was the late 80's when I first visited the Akashic records. I was a kid in my early teen years and I had already been meditating, dream walking, doing psychometry and practicing various other metaphysical gifts for years.

My mother has been an astrologer for 45 years and taught me at a young age about energy, chakras, past lifes, kundalini, and much more. She had a weekly meditation group every Tuesday night. There was always 5-10 women present. During these groups they would share energy, participate in guided meditations led by my mother, share their guided messages and discuss the metaphysical world.

Of course I didn't really appreciate what she was teaching me at the time. However I never felt out of place during these groups. I never felt like it was weird. I never had any doubt about what we were discussing. As a matter of fact it all seemed very natural and the information seemed more to me like memories than enlightenment. Now looking back I realize this was home for me in a place I never felt I belonged.

I visited the Akashic records many times over the years and each time I visited I discovered more connections and life times that I knew was truth. I would see details and I just new they were real. Its an emotional understanding. There is no doubt and no fear. Visiting the Akashic Records gives life to parts of you that mostly seemed out of place with no reason.

The 90's were filled with rebellion and discovery. While simultaneously giving my parents many heart attacks with my antics, I was also studying deeply all things metaphysical. Before the decade was over I became an ordained minister and a Reiki Master but once the 21st century rolled in I was ready to take a break from my gifts. It took me 20 years of living a "normal" life before I would return to my gifts, before I was ready to share my world with this world. Today the Akashic Records are getting some attention. Through social media more and more people are hearing about past life regressions and The Akashic records.

What exactly are the Akashic records and how can you access them?

First let me tell you what they are not. They are not a trend, they are not hidden and they are not locked away for only ascended masters to access. The Akashic Records are a database that contain all universal happenings. They can show you events, thoughts, character, emotions, connections and cords of the past, present and future. The word record means to set down in writing or the like, as for the purpose of preserving evidence. These records in particular are imprints of events that are stored in another dimension called Akasha.

When accessing these records you may see moments that give understanding to why you've had such a strong connection to cultures or time periods that otherwise have no experience in your current reality. You can also see connections with people in your current reality, who have they been to you in the past who may they be to you in the future.

As a teenager I saw the connection I had with three very special people that were in my life during those years. I saw why I was deeply connected to them and would do almost anything for them. I saw a time we spent together where each of us had lost out biological family and we became that for each other. I saw the parallels to what we were experiencing in our current reality and how it mirrored what we had never gotten to finish. Once I had this experience I spoke it to these four friends and each of them had an emotional reaction and in that moment we were able to release that emotional trauma. We continued to be connected but we no longer were bound.

A recent visit showed me my actual twin in a time we were growing up together. We were playing in the snow in our parents backyard and the lake was covered by ice and snow. As we continued on I fell onto the lake and broke through the ice. Our father came running to save me. I could see the water around us, I could feel the slowing of my heart and I could feel my spirit leave as well as my fathers. Once I spoke this memory to my brother and we acknowledge the trauma it was released and the Karmic cycle was broken. I have shared and written many times about my experiences inside the Akashic records. Each time I become more fully me and closer to living a life of joy.

How do you visit the Akashic Records?

There are many ways to access your personal records and other answers. You can find a spiritual guide who can see these records for you. Your guide will be able to see your sanctuary. Your sanctuary is the place your soul recognizes as home or heaven. Your guide will then be given imagery that is most important to where you are in your current existence. They will be given access to the karmic trauma that is currently creating blocks in your life. Done properly they will be able to guide you through this imagery and then through a cord cutting or a karma releasing healing. This is an easy way to gain access and you can continue to visit your guide as you continue on your journey.

You can also find a spiritual or transformational coach. In this case your coach will also have access to the information but will guide you in a meditation to connect you with your sanctuary and the Akashi yourself. Your coach will still provide the messages they see and still create a cord cutting or karma resolving healing for you but in addition to that they will be teaching you how to access the records for yourself. This would be a longer more in depth session with your coach and like anything takes practice. I recommend the coaching sessions as they will give you a deeper healing and connection to your I AM. You will be able to move through your many lives as well as future connections and create continuous healing.

The Parallels, Cords and Reason for Healing

All things move in a spiral, our existence, time and space, even the dimensions. Within this spiral are many cords that resemble our nervous system or a web of energy. As we pass through moments of our current reality we are connected to an infinite amount of moments that are happening. Some of these are realities we have already passed through and some of these moments are yet to come. Just like experiencing trauma in our current lifetime the body holds onto these imprints the soul also holds onto imprints. Just like the healing science of Primal Emotional Energy Release that occurs in the body when we face our current memories, dormant or otherwise, we can create the same healing for our souls experience. It is only when we acknowledge our patterns and accumulated blocks that we can begin to release them and move past them. We will find ourself recreating the same existence over and over again without trauma healing and karma healing.

Were you can get started.

You can contact me for a guided session or for coaching sessions that includes energy healing. You can also subscribe to my webpage and social media pages to be informed of the upcoming class on accessing the Akashic records I will be teaching at Vision Quest Metaphysical store in May. I will be teaching other classes during the months of March and April that you will be updated on as well.

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