Dearly Departed

Updated: Feb 8

You have a couple of names but the impact you had on me was the same. You were a teacher. You were an inspiration. You were someone who could put your own personal struggles aside even if just for a minute to lift someone up from a dark place. You taught me it was okay to cry. You taught me it was okay to smile. You taught me it was okay to be whoever I needed to be in the moment. You taught me it was okay to forgive and ask for forgiveness. I met you when I was a child and you left me when I was an adult.

Often I look back at the memories I have of you and there is nothing but gratitude and adoration for the gift of you in my life. You were a gift for many. I am only one in a million of those who you touched with your humor and your grace and your deep understanding. Everyday you give me life by being a voice in my head. You are both male and female. You are anchors in my DNA. I've gone through many stages of grieving since you left. The last five years have been a tornado of temper tantrums and discovery.

Today I can love unconditionally and without fear because of the conversations we had over more than 20 years of life. Today I can live for the moment because you reminded me of the moments I missed when I worried about the moments yet to come. I know I am never alone because at 18 you showed me God and at 43 you showed me myself. One day when I leave this world I hope I leave knowing I did the best I could to create joy and love in this world like you did.

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