The Beast Works for Me

Updated: Feb 8

How he got hired

If you’ve read my journey you’ve seen the path The Beast has taken in my life. First, The Beast appeared as a man in my nightmares telling me he loved me and telling me he was going to marry me. He sent hell hounds after me and I was afraid and stayed in the fear during my waking life.

I created stories about what this must mean. I felt fear constantly and anger. The traumas experienced, I attached to The Beast. There were even past life that surfaced where I was,in fact, The Beast. We were one.

As my life unfolded the lines blurred between what was trauma given to me and what was trauma I manifested out of fear. I spent many years working with my shadow self, diving deep into who I was. What are my strengths and weaknesses, what are my character defects and where do I bring light.

I came to realize that if The Beast ever did live outside of me - he definitely lived within me. Running from this side of me had proven over and over again to bring only more suffering and less peace.

The only way to bring peace into my life was to embrace this force that lives inside. Honestly, I didn’t know what that meant or what it was going to look like but I knew it was what had to be done.

The more I allowed my psychic abilities to grow and the more I allowed my gifts of knowledge to be seen, the more comfortable I became with who I am. It almost felt like the only force working against me, for 40 years, was myself. Maybe I manifested every single block I was given to my authentic self. Maybe it was the work of someone else. Either way, I made a decision and all blocks were dissolving.

What I never expected was to be able to allow The Beast within me to work his magic. However, all stigmas and all pop-culture fears and conditioning were suddenly gone. Now, I saw the power that lied beneath these misinterpretations. I no longer felt any sense of fear about this power and I saw the appropriate way for me to live in balance with The Beast.

His Job duties

A women came to me who believed she had been hexed. Another light worker had told her there was a hex on her lineage from a past life. I guided her to the Akashic Records and together, we could discover the source and cut the cord. I did not expect what happened next. As she sat at the desk in the library with her book I stood behind her. I noticed a wall of guides and light workers start to surround her. One was not made of light however, one was made of dense gray matter. He stood in the northwest corner of the circle and I could see the cord traveling from this entity to her.

I walked around the circle until I was between this entity and my client. I had to call upon God, Christ and Mary to stand with me. Together we could not break the cord. I knew what I had to do and my ego stepped out of the way. I called The Beast and I said “okay if we are meant to work together now is the time” he joined our energy. The five of us became one source and we grew to what looked like 12 feet tall. We towered over the rest of the guardians and as we stood between this entity and my client, the entity and the cord burned to ashes on the ground. There was a hole left in the circle and we walked over to stand on the ashes. Using the transmutation symbol we left liquid light in its place. We thanked the room, closed the energy and returned the book to its space in the library.

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