Transformation Coach

Stefani has two masters degrees, one in Art Education and the other in Leadership with a bachelor's degree in Communication. She is also an ordained Interfaith Minister that has performed weddings all over the country including New York, California, Arizona and Colorado. She has coached people in meditation and performed reiki treatments in local hospitals and yoga studios. Stefani is a certified yoga instructor and the author of two books. All of these skills will create a truly creative mindful healing experience that will give her clients knowledge and new healthy habits that will last a lifetime. 
I had a hard time sleeping as a child. The energy I could feel kept my mind and body busy and awake. I didn’t know then that it was from multiple points of energy, others, in body as well as those without.  My mom provided many tools to help me focus the noise and the messages over the years. I learned how to listen when I needed and how to turn it off; not without its struggles and years of rebellion of course. We explored past lives and how to access and bring someone peace by making the connection. She taught me how to access the Akashic records and at a young age and how to help others through psychometry, oracle cards, tarot, manifestation ceremony, astrology, and much much more.
The human mind has always fascinated me. In both graduate programs and my undergraduate program I had classes dedicated specifically to the function of the brain. Everything we experience in life starts in the mind, our references for behavior, our imagination in which becomes our reality, even our physical sensations all start in our thoughts. Meditation is an exercise for the mind. It helps clear "noise", closes all the tabs and brings the mind back to a state of calm and peace. A constant mediation practice can restore and heal the entire quality of life. I have been doing reiki healings, guiding meditations and psychic readings for over 20 years alongside my career in education.
I was ordained an Interfaith minister and Reiki Master in 1998 at The Sanctuary of Peace in NY with Kathryn Barley. However I still had a lot more I had to experience and grow through. Growing up with these gifts and not accepting them caused a lot of self suffering. Like many I also had a hard time navigating the negatives and stereotypes associated with these gifts. I endured trauma from narcissists and then created a pattern of reactions and abuse that is a constant unlearning. I am ready to live authentically and help others do the same. As a transformation coach I’ll help you take back your spirit, your joy and your peace. I’ll teach you how to create new habits and infuse your life with self love, healing, purpose and manifestations. I want to inspire you to remember that you can find your gifts and live in joy. 
With coaching you are designing a new way of living, taking your healing and recovery to the next step. I will use my intuitive gifts, spiritual guidance, reiki healing as well as my training and background in, education, leadership, 12 steps, art, yoga,  and meditation to create goals and milestones that will propel you into the life you always knew was possible. Together we will create the courage to find your truth, your power, your purpose.  There is no real reason for disconnect other than fear. If you are motivated to move beyond that illusion the answer is in your heart. I can help you find it. I can teach you how to believe in you.